Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Houston

If you have outdated and worn-out kitchen cabinets in your home, look no further than J.R. Painting Services to help you reclaim your kitchen cabinets and woodwork.

We specialize in the art of cabinet refinishing, re-staining kitchen cabinets, wood finishing, and painting. If you have outdated looking kitchen cabinets and are thinking about fully replacing them, don’t! You shouldn’t have to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of a full kitchen cabinet replacement. Cabinet refinishing is a wonderful way to breathe life into old kitchen cabinets. J.R. Painting Services has saved many homeowners from having to go through a tough renovation job with our cost-effective, prompt and reliable painting kitchen cabinets solutions. We believe in doing the best job for your unique needs, no matter how big or small the job.

At J.R. Painting Services, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality finishes for all your existing kitchen cabinets and woodwork. We use the most thorough preparation techniques and combine them with advanced application systems. Our expert team of fully licensed and qualified kitchen cabinet painters use modern equipment and the best paint for kitchen cabinets to achieve the results you deserve.

The J.R. Painting Services Way to Kitchen Cabinet Painting

We’ve been painting kitchen cabinets in the area for many years and have sustained many satisfied customers who would recommend our elite services to you. Our philosophy is that your kitchen shouldn’t have to go through the difficult process of renovation. Instead, choose us to re-finish your kitchen cabinets. Our service is a stress-free process backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let us do the hard part of your remodeling plans by expertly painting and re-finishing your kitchen cabinets, woodwork, and more.

Our Cabinet Painting Services

We provide kitchen cabinet painting services for residential properties. Our cabinet painting services include:

  • Cabinet Drawers
  • Cabinet Doors
  • Wood, Laminated or Framed Cabinets
  • Tall Cabinets
  • Re-Finishing and Re-Spraying (wood and particle board)

Cabinet Painting for Houston Homes

Re-staining or painting kitchen cabinets is a step-by-step process that requires careful attention to detail. The first step includes all the prep-work, such as removing all your kitchen cabinet doors. We label and note them to ensure easy re-installation. Depending on the damage, we can also replace hinges. We also clean the cabinet doors, we sand them and clean them once again to make sure the paint and primer can easily bond with the wood. We then prime the doors for painting, using the best quality on the market. At J.R. Painting Services, we believe this process is the most effective at achieving the best look for your cabinet doors. We’ll typically spray a few layers of the best paint for kitchen cabinets. After they dry, we re-install them without a hassle.

Our paints are top industry rated and offer the best coverage. The cost to paint kitchen cabinets is very affordable. We offer free estimates and guarantee that you are comfortable with the finer details of the work.

Contact Us for Your Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

If you need to re-invigorate your outdated kitchen cabinets, look no further than the professionals at J.R. Painting Services! Contact us today for your free estimate.