Exterior Brick Painting Katy

J.R. Painting Services’s brick painting is the ultimate solution to renew the look of your Katy home’s exterior. Rather than tearing down the brick and installing a new surface, our masonry paint can transform your home to look clean, fresh, modern and stylish.

Brick painting is an affordable way to refresh your exterior brick. With or top-quality paint, we can increase your curb appeal. Contact us to discuss in more detail or to review our pricing options.

J.R. Painting Services Brick Paints Bring New Life to Your Exterior House

Give your home an exterior makeover. A few days with J.R. Painting Services and your home is forever changed, forever better. The look of a painted brick wall is an impressive overhaul. The before-and-after photos can be breathtaking. 

Brick paint can be applied to any home with brick. Our team of professionals have years of experience and a vast knowledge of the tools and materials required for the job. Trust in our skills for a quality job that will last and look great. J.R. Painting Services will do that job for you.

Benefits of Painting Exterior Brick

There are many benefits involved with painting your home’s exterior brick. When you choose J.R. Painting Services for your painting services we can guarantee to transform the color of your brick into something more pleasant and fresh. Our house paint will give your home an updated feel.

We have years of experience in house paint colors. We know how to match the color of your bricks. As well, our paints often contain a water-protective sealant. Our brick painting is a relatively inexpensive option to brick renovation. If you are looking to increase the value of your home, your curb appeal, and are looking for an easy to maintain surface material—then look no further. We are the right team for the job.

Katy’s Top Masonry Painting Contractors

Our professional team of brick painters can handle all the steps involved with your house paint. We begin each project by preparing your brick for the paint coat. We know our brick and can prime, repair and wash your brick as needed.

We protect all exterior areas of your home that are not being painted, like the roof, windows and doors.

We are the experts at spray painting exterior brick houses. We know which paints are best for different types of bricks, and which leave the bricks sealed and not just painted. We carry mildew resistant stucco, brick and masonry paint. These have a high-quality satin finish. Other brick paints offer different finishes including semi-gloss, gloss, low luster and flat finish. These have built in protection against cracking, peeling and fading. We are happy to discuss different color and finish options with you during your consultation.

Before we leave, we do a clean up and once over of your property making sure we’ve left no mess behind. Only a beautiful revamped house!

Call (713) 538-3988 for Your Brick Painting Needs

We will do the right job for the quoted price no matter how long it takes. Keep your time free and your life unfettered by leaving the labor to us. Set up your consultation and call us today!