Spray-Applied Exterior Painting in Katy

Typically, exterior paint jobs are labor and time intensive. When left to the professionals at J.R. Painting Services we will prime and paint your home. Our large crew of contractors work hard and well, to cover challenging, high surfaces especially when they are uneven and rough. Nooks and crannies are never left undone with our experienced house painting professionals. Bumpy brick, stucco and cement are left looking satisfactory and provided at an affordable price.

Call us at (713) 538-3988 and watch as we use our spray-applied exterior painting technology. Our team can finish the job in less time for less money and with more even coverage—even in the corners. Can you say win/win?

J.R. Painting Services’s Painting Services in Katy

Spray technique has advanced over the years, as have the products we spray and the sprayers themselves. Our practiced painting contractors know the methods to maximize the paint landing where it needs to go. Before we even unload the sprayers, we protect all the surrounding area that is not being sprayed with drop cloths. We are now able to work in the wind without sending paint out in gusts to be carried away.

Our team has advanced equipment and a fully loaded truck of materials to get the job done right—every time. With our many years of experience in the industry, we can expedite your exterior paint job. We are fast and efficient—every layer is applied evenly.

Professional Spray-Applied Paint

The time saved by having us spray exterior paint for aluminum siding, vinyl siding and stucco, or for staining exterior brick, can now be used to get more done at your home. Add your fencing or deck to the project. Spray-applied paint and stain is marvelous in the backyard, providing the most even and complete job possible in a fraction of the time. Just like the exterior of your home, we will prepare the fence and deck by scrubbing and sanding. Drop cloths will come out to protect the grass and whatever surrounds your deck. At the end of the day your backyard will be spectacular, to match the house it complements.

We use airless sprayers to pump the paint with expert control. They provide a consistent and even coat of paint when applied with our expertise. They have many adjustable pressure settings because not one spray fits all. Our machines leave a glass smooth finish on wood, so think beyond the deck, consider all your exterior wood, and doors or garage doors for spray-applied painting.

Benefits of Spray Painting

Our spray paint and equipment guarantee detail and precision results. We have an eye for detail and maintain control when spraying—we stay in between the lines and don’t waste paint. We limit overspray which will save you money on the project.

As well, our methods of spray painting involve an even coat of paint, covering all nooks and crannies.

Our sprayer equipment will safely seal in paint, protecting your lawn or driveway from dripping paint, splatters or spills.

Experienced Exterior Painting Contractors with Spray Paint

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