Epoxy Floor Coating Sugar Land

The floor of the garage gets so little love but it is such a crucial part of a useful, clean garage.  More than just a place to park the car, nowadays the garage is a major area for storage, recycling, and seasonal items.  A fully functional garage gets used every day, so wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t see a broken concrete mess to avoid every time we went in there? Or oil and grease stains? Or cracks, fissures and ruptures?

Some garage floor sealers eliminate all that. We leave you with a permanent glossy seal from moisture and durable cement to last through decades.  Epoxy flooring is style, protection and prevention in many colors or patterns imitating stone like granite or sandstone. Your garage can become a clean, bright area your family enjoys entering! Say hello to a stylish and easy to clean shiny smooth garage floor and say goodbye to tracking broken cement dust through the house. Call us at J.R. Painting Services to discuss epoxy flooring and pricing!

J.R. Painting Services Are the Garage Floor Coating Experts in Sugar Land

Talk to us about the state of your current garage floor.  Talk to us about what purpose you’d like your garage to serve.  Do you have an area with a workbench? An extra refrigerator or freezer? Seasonal storage items like bicycles and toboggans? J.R. Painting Services will apply the best garage floor coating available with invincible epoxy. Your garage floor will be flat and smooth, and even provide anti-fatigue benefits.  You’ll be at ease when your family uses the garage. No more worries they’ll get hurt off broken cement or step in an oil stain.  Post epoxy coating stains and breaks are impossible.

Benefits of a Garage Floor Sealer Installation

Epoxy is a complete garage floor sealer and strengthener.  We are the experts to talk to and work with. Our expertise extends over decades of serving Sugar Land. We have garage floor epoxy down to a science—evident in our quick and efficient installation process. Time to cure and dry will be required but in only a few days your floor will be ready for you. We can guarantee the strength of an industrial warehouse floor! Epoxy is a great residential flooring material as its benefits are:

  • Durable surface
  • Easy installation process
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Resistant to oil stains and water
  • Enhances safety

Epoxy Floor Paint Beyond the Garage Floor

The strength and shine of epoxy is so extraordinary don’t rule out bringing it into the house.  Any concrete floor can be polished with epoxy flooring. An industrial kitchen would be a perfect match.  We are able to match any color scheme or style. This type of material coating is practical for a basement or anywhere you want high shine, strong anti-fatigue and comfort underfoot. Stain free and scuff free isn’t often advertised when it comes to flooring options in the home. The unsurpassed gleam makes the surface look almost liquid and feels terrific on bare feet. 

Get Epoxy Flooring Installed Today

Our service, professionalism and product will leave you floored.  Give us a call at (713) 538-3988 today!