Residential Painter in Sugar Land

J.R. Painting Services Is Residential Painting Excellence

When J.R. Painting Services comes to your house we are aware we are entering hallowed ground. When our interior painters arrive we know some things are amiss. Walls may be damaged, colors might be from a previous owner, or it’s time for a fresh coat. Your home isn’t just as you want it to be. It’s our mission to leave your house looking its best, clean, up-to-date and fresh—we are the painting company that cares.

Your home is your sanctuary. You should look around and love everything you see. It should all be a reflection of who you are and what makes you happy. Your walls are the backdrops, and their color should lead you to the sensations you want at home: happiness, relaxation, comfort. Life is short, they say…so stop looking at the walls in your home and frowning. Stop seeing the flaws, the cracks, and the colors that are drab and do nothing for you. Make your house more you…with paint! Call us today for more information on our painting services!

Professional Painting Contractors in Sugar Land

Once you work with us at J.R. Painting Services you will see we aren’t your ordinary painting contractors. We work closely with you to nail that personal reflection in your home.  And once the interior is exactly as you want it to be, you could find that the exterior is in need of some attention. Staining or painting your home’s exterior are other painting services we provide.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have increased exterior living space when the weather calls you outdoors? A finished deck, porch and fence are the bones on which to build a lovely outdoor room. Your house’s façade can be brought to its ultimate beauty with the right colors in the right places. Your front door, garage doors, trim, window shutters can all add impact and curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint. Even your siding, woodwork, brick and stone can be improved with exterior paint. A few coats leave these materials protected from weather and insect damage.

The outside of your house can be as pleasing and personal to you as the inside with a little help from our painting contractors. Contact us for more details.

Learn More About the Selection of Painting Services

Yes, we offer the most varied painting services in Sugar Land but we love to go above and beyond residential painting! We provide flooring treatment services as well. Painted floors are eye-catching, but we also excel at epoxy floor coating. Epoxy is an excellent, strong finish for your flooring in the garage, basement, or industrial style kitchen. It might surprise you to know that our expertise extends to hanging wallpaper, and repairing drywall and stucco.

The Best Painting Company for Your Residential Needs

There are many tricks up our sleeves. The best way to learn more about all the areas in which we specialize is to call us at (713) 538-3988 or send us an email. We want to learn more about you and your house.