Wallpaper Removal in Sugar Land

Sugar Land’s Trusted Wallpaper Removal Service

When wallpaper removal is done correctly, the outcome is very impressive. Do not replace or remove your walls to enhance the beauty of your home. Removing your wallpaper is relatively inexpensive compared to the expense of major renovations. Our dedicated professionals will transform your walls to create the results you are looking for.

When removing your wallpaper, the technical skills of J.R. Painting Services’s professionals take enormous pride in their commitment in providing visually stunning results in order to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Whether your vision is to transform a large or small space, to restore or create a new look, our dedicated team will suit all your needs.

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Experts in Removing Old Wallpaper

Let us handle the removing of your wallpaper. It is best left to the professionals, especially if the old layer wasn’t well applied. We have years of experience and knowledge on the right removal procedure. We also are well equipped with the right material and equipment required to remove the wallpaper.

In the process of removing the wallpaper, our team is extra careful and pays attention to every detail. We will never damage your walls, for example leaving gashes with a paint scraper. We value your time and money and will avoid all obstacles and extra spending.

Sometimes once we have removed the wallpaper, we notice that there are uneven areas of dried wallpaper adhesive still present, which will cause your new wallpaper or painted wall to have a lumpy appearance. In cases like these, our team will sand, prime, seal and clean your walls. Our professional technicians have the know-how and the tools to efficiently remove your old wallpaper and repair the walls of your home. When we have completed the job, you can rest assured that there will be a smooth clean finish suitable for painting or installing other wall coverings.

The Best Wallpaper Removal Team

Our team is one of the best Sugar Land for wallpaper removals. We have a delicate hand and the patience to perform this process efficiently. We have all the right tools in case we run into any obstacles. In our truck we carry a steamer and top-quality solvents in case the wallpaper sticks or doesn’t come off evenly. In other cases, if the walls weren’t primed before the initial application, the removal process can be quite difficult. We want to avoid delays and damage to your walls. That is why we carry the best tools and service the best contractors for the job.

Our tools and equipment are suited for all wallpaper materials. Whether your walls are coated in vinyl or fabric, we have the right techniques and skilled approaches to remove any paper.

Choose J.R. Painting Services for Affordable Wallpaper Removal Services

Remember, when it comes time to remove your wallpaper, leave it to the professionals at J.R. Painting Services. We offer the best prices and the best results. Call us now!